Make a Statement with Your Kitchen Cabinet Color

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most essential elements in your kitchen layout.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most essential elements in your kitchen layout. They free up counters for entertaining and baking cookies with grandma. They’re a focal point—cabinet doors and structures are often the first things you’ll see when entering your kitchen. The kitchen cabinet color is crucial for setting the design tone.

Finding the right cabinet color for your kitchen design scheme can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! Flooring Liquidators is here to help you find the perfect kitchen cabinet color. Maybe you want a color that will make your kitchen and dining space pop or one that will gently support a neutral color palette. Our design team will work with you to find kitchen cabinet colors to complement farmhouse, traditional, modern, and every style in between. We’ll match your individual style and design needs with a kitchen cabinet color that fits right in with your kitchen plan.

Kitchen Cabinets Colors

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Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Color

Is one kitchen cabinet color better than another? Not really. There are so many colors that work well on kitchen cabinets, and it will depend on your space and personal style. Neutrals like white and grey are popular kitchen cabinet color options. But dark colors like black can also be beautiful and striking in the kitchen.

Our 18 Flooring Liquidators showroom locations in California can help you narrow your kitchen cabinet color choices down. When you’re ready to shop for kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to study your space to try and figure out the best kitchen cabinet color. Take in your countertops, backsplash, walls, floors, and even appliances to determine which color might be best. Neutral tones like white or grey might work best in a darker kitchen or one where there is already a lot of color.

For a kitchen that is already neutral in color, you might want to create a focal point with brightly colored cabinets like red or blue. Black cabinets will make a bold statement in a light grey or a white kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet White Kitchen Cabinet


Kitchen cabinet Gray Kitchen Cabinet


Kitchen cabinet Black Kitchen Cabinet


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Trendsetting Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Need some more ideas on kitchen cabinet colors? Lighter, cooler colors like pale blue and sage green will make your kitchen feel light and airy. Darker colors can work well in a larger space and will give your eye a focal point. Black, navy blue, forest green, and coffee brown cabinets will make a statement and add a clear focal point to your kitchen.

Grey kitchen cabinets are a classic choice that works well with large and small kitchens. And bright white kitchen cabinets are always in style. White can help make a smaller kitchen look more prominent and a dark room look much lighter. And if you’d like a more natural finish, wood kitchen cabinets might be a perfect choice! We offer a range of wood finishes, including oak, cherry, and maple.