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Mohawk RevWood is a truly revolutionary flooring solution that’s flipped our conceptions of what hardwood and laminate flooring are and can be entirely upside down.

Laminate is a hybrid flooring, made with real wood components. Once an economy-priced (and economy-quality) option, modern technology has elevated the category to mainstream, luxury status. Laminate now looks and performs better than ever, and Mohawk RevWood manages to outperform even real hardwood by bringing resistance to stains, scratches, dents, fading and moisture to the table.

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RevWood stands apart from other types of laminate flooring on the market because of its durability in the face of so many common forms of wear and tear that families and households deal with today. In particular, the waterproof capabilities of RevWood Plus are rare in the laminate category.

Waterproof flooring is quickly gaining popularity and finding its way into more and more homes, and we can point to a few key reasons why so many people are choosing to install products like RevWood Plus.

  • You really get the best of all worlds – the rich, natural beauty of hardwood, combined with a more comfortable feel underfoot, exceptional durability, and easy installation
  • Waterproof wood takes wood floors where they can’t normally go – safely install RevWood Plus in your finished basement or your bathroom, where high moisture content usually damages wood
  • If waterproof flooring isn’t a necessity for your needs, you can save on costs even more by opting for RevWood, which still includes benefits like easy installation and resistance to stains, fading, scratches and dents

Explore the many RevWood and RevWood Plus products available here at Flooring Liquidators, as well as a variety of other great laminate and waterproof laminate products and brands such as Quick-Step.

For more information on these or any products, you can contact us either here on the site or by calling us at 1 (877) 254-2534. You can also visit and chat with the flooring experts and any of our 14 locations throughout California.

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