Flooring Installation

Laminate Flooring Installation


Modern laminate flooring technology makes installation quick and easy, and often the process doesn’t even require adhesive. Even so, you may want to hire an expert to do the job for you to ensure that you get the most out of your new laminate.


While you’re at the showroom selecting your new laminate, inquire with your flooring specialist about professional installation. Some locations will have laminate installers on staff, while others will recommend a trusted local independent installer. In most cases, the details of arranging the installation will all be handled for you, but make sure you know ahead of time what the installers expect from you regarding the removal of old flooring and moving larger pieces of furniture.


There are several steps to take before your new laminate is installed. Be sure to take care of any subfloor repairs and cleaning before you start the installation process.

Depending on the product specifications, you may need to have your laminate acclimate to the environment in your space for at least two days before installation. Be sure to have your flooring delivered in advance!

When your laminate arrives, examine it for damage or defects and be sure to review any accompanying instructions.

Clear the installation areas before the installation team arrives.


Plan ahead with your installers regarding the movement of your furniture and the removal and disposal of existing flooring. While installers will work efficiently, be prepared for some level of disruption to your daily routine. Your installation team will bring all the tools and supplies needed to install your new laminate, but will likely need access to storage space and power outlets. Be prepared to introduce them to their workspace and assist if necessary.


Your installer will likely provide you with maintenance and cleaning instructions, and you should be aware of manufacturer recommendations. Now you’re ready to enjoy your new laminate floor!