Flooring Installation

Carpet Installation

If you've never had new carpet installed, you may have questions. "What should I expect?" and "How do I prepare?" are likely among them.

Not to worry - Flooring Liquidators has your back. Your flooring representative and installation team will fill you in on all the finer details when you schedule your installation, but it is certainly good to have a background knowledge of the process and how to prepare.

At The Store

While you’re at the showroom selecting your new carpeting, inquire with your flooring specialist about professional installation. Some locations will have carpet installers on staff, while others will recommend a trusted local independent installer. In most cases, the details of arranging the installation will all be handled for you.

Preparing For Your Installation

Before you even think about installation, the staff will work with you to ensure that we have the appropriate measurements for your project. As with any flooring installation, it’s important that the room is cleared of furniture and other items before installation begins. Consider whether you’ll be installing carpet over existing flooring, or if you will need to have it removed and taken away; this should be discussed at the time you purchase your carpeting so expectations are clear for both you and your installer. Remember that baseboards and molding may also need to be removed before installation and you may need to consider whether your subfloor needs repairs to ensure that the floor itself is safe, stable and level.

During Your Carpet Installation

During the day of your carpet installation, you should plan to have a member of your household, at least 18 years of age, at home. This will ensure that you communicate directly with your installation team and have any and all of your specific questions answered. Upon arrival greet your installation team. Show them around the space in which they'll be working, and be sure that they have access to electrical outlets and a storage area.

Your carpet padding will be installed first. On top of that, your carpet will be installed, using a seam diagram to ensure that placement minimizes the appearance of any and all seams. If you’ve had discussions about doors and molding in advance, your installation team may take care of those needs. If not, you’ll want to consider having a professional install your baseboards and trim your doors.

After Your Carpet Installation

After your carpet is installed, your room will need good ventilation. You can help ensure good air flow by opening up windows, turning on fans and taking other steps to air the room out for about 48 to 72 hours. Your new carpet may “shed” a bit, but frequent vacuuming in the first few days will help. Use scissors to trim any loose fibers and begin to enjoy your new flooring!

Additionally, your installer will likely provide you with maintenance and cleaning instructions, and you should be aware of manufacturer recommendations.