5 Flooring Options for Homes with Pets

Dogs Love Flooring!

Here at Flooring Liquidators, we love pets… but we also love floors!  And we want to make sure you invest in the best flooring option that supports you and your pet’s needs. Below you’ll find, in our opinion, the best 5 flooring options for homes with pets. Our 2 biggest factors in creating this list are flooring that’s easy to clean and resistant to scratches and damage.


Laminate Flooring is an incredible option if you’re wanting a hardwood look with a lot less maintenance! This type of flooring does prove to be a bit more slippery for paws, but it’s great for protecting against scratches and damage.  Historically, laminate hasn’t been known to be great in terms of being water resistant, but great news, our Pioneer H20 line is revolutionary in terms of waterproof laminate, providing moisture protection for up to 72 hours! It’s one of our favorite options for pet-friendly flooring that we offer. You can check it out here!


Another popular choice of flooring for homes with pets is Bamboo. It’s super durable and scratch resistant, and your pet will love the fact that it holds warmth during the colder seasons. But not all bamboo is made equally, so it’s important to find out if the type you’re interested in purchasing is ideal for a pet-friendly environment. We suggest US Floors bamboo as it’s a great option to put up with paws and claws, while also maintaining a beautiful look.


Want the hardwood look for half the price and double the durability? Vinyl flooring is your best bet!  It makes for an easy clean when there’s been an accident, it’s resistant to scratches and damage, and it’ll be comfortable for your pet to frolic around and it's water proof.  We highly suggest vinyl from our Toughlock line as it’s luxury quality at an affordable price point, and most importantly it looks great in any space.


One of the best flooring options that protects against pet-related damage is tile. However, even though they can’t tell us how they feel, we think it’s not the most comfortable for pets. It may be easy to clean, but these floors are often slippery for paws and are quite cold in the winter which could cause our furry friends some discomfort. Check out the Grand Teton line of tile, it's in-stock has a great hardwood and is available in 2 sizes.

Engineered Wood Flooring

While we don’t usually recommend regular hardwood flooring as an option for homes with pets running around, engineered wood flooring is a completely different story. This flooring a a great option for customers who want the look and feel of regular hardwood, but with more resistance to scratching. While it’s not as resistant as some of the other options, we understand some homes are best with the real deal, so that’s why this option is a great happy medium.  We recommend our Danube line  as a wonderful choice if you decide to go this route.  

Still confused about which option is best for you and your need? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!  Send us a chat or message and one of our flooring experts will get back to you ASAP with sound advice in helping you choose the perfect floor for your home.


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