Discover everything you need to know to choose the perfect countertops for your home or business.


If you’re still new to the world of countertops, you probably have questions before you get started on your design. We’ve compiled our experts’ collective knowledge of countertops so that you can dive deeper into that world and learn more about the different types of materials from you can choose, how to care for your new surfaces, and the various extra touches available to you when designing.

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Whether you’re curious about the differences between granite & marble or you want to know which countertop styles can stand up to your lifestyle, we have the answers!


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The perfect kitchen sink might be just the finishing touch you’re looking for your countertop surface. Need advice on how to functionally complete your design? You’re in the right place.


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Add subtle character to your countertop with a highly individualized edge profile. See the many options we have to offer and discover a design that is uniquely you.


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