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Frequently Asked Questions about Flooring

  • Hardwood Floors
    The traditional wood flooring, hardwood floors are made of wood through and through providing excellent insulation and adding strength to your home's structure. Hardwood floors come pre-finished or unfinished, in a wide variety of species. Hardwood floors come in three construction methods: solid, engineered and parquet.

    Care of Hardwood Floors

  • What is Laminate?
    Introduced to the US in 1996, laminate is typically made of an extremely tough-wearing aluminum oxide surface with a printed photograph adhered to the core, which gives it that hardwood look. The core of the laminate is usually made of high density fiberboard allowing laminate flooring to look good while being both affordable and durable. Laminates are a great addition for any high traffic area.

    Care of Laminate Floors

  • What is Carpet?
    With its many styles, textures and types of construction, carpet is the right choice for everyone, from first-time homeowners, to retirees, to families with kids and pets. Plus, carpet will maintain its beauty and durability for many years when it is properly chosen, installed and cleaned. Carpet actually improves indoor air quality.

    Care of Carpet Floors

  • What is Bamboo?
    Bamboo is a perennial plant belonging to the grass family Poaceae. It grows in diverse climates – from cold mountains to hot, tropical regions – reaching heights of 125 feet or more. Bamboo is considered the fastest growing woody plant, reaching maturity in five to six years. Bamboo has found many uses; from food preparation to construction, its thin and flimsy appearance belies its true value.

    Care of Bamboo Floors

  • What is Cork
    Cork flooring is an excellent choice in homes because of its durability, insulation properties and health benefits. Although cork is much softer than most hardwood floors, cork has a feature known as memory which makes cork dent resistant. When cork is dented, it slowly pushes the dent out over time, returning to its normal state. Cork consists mostly of suberin, a waxy substance that prevents water from penetrating the cork tissue. This provides resistance to moisture, making cork possible for installation in places where other flooring types are not advisable.

    Care of Cork Floors

  • Installation Options
    There are many ways a floor can be installed in your home including nail-down, glue-down, and floating. What type of installation options is best for your project depends on mostly on the subfloor and where in your home the new floor will be. Certain installation methods are more do-it-yourself friendly than others so learning which installation method is best for your project is important.

  • Colors and Styles
    Hardwood flooring is a wonder of nature which comes in a variety of colors, grain patterns, and styles. Wood's natural character makes each floor unique and with various stains nearly any color can be achieved in today's wood floors. From traditional strip-style flooring to hand scraped exotics, there is a myriad of choices available to fit the style and appearance desired for your home.

  • Finish Options
    Wood flooring comes with a variety of different finishes and each finish has its own characteristics and benefits. Wood floors can be purchased as unfinished or prefinished. Prefinished floors have already been sanded, stained, and sealed at the factory meaning that installation is a much simpler process. A majority of the flooring today is sold as prefinished product.
    Many finishes also feature different bases or modifiers. Water-based finishes tend to be best at showing the natural character and color of your floor. Oil-based or modified finishes tend to have a slight amber hue, which is very popular with lighter colored floors like oak and maple.

  • Cleaning Hardwood Floors
    With the proper care, your floors will stay beautiful for many years to come. Common sense and some preventative steps can lengthen the life of your floors. A regular cleaning routine will simplify your floor care. Good preventative maintenance lengthens the time between major renovations, such as re-waxing, re-coating and refinishing.